Wenge hag stone sculpture

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Stones with naturally formed holes through them have been used as good luck charms for centuries. They have been hung on fruit trees and placed around fields to improve the crops.

They are also kept in people’s homes, often by the front door, to ward off the unwanted attention of witches, hence the name 'hagstone'.

I have had a hag stone with me, on my key ring, for over forty years and I have never been troubled by a witch, so I can vouch for their efficiency.

This piece of art - inspired by the beach and folklore - has seven hag stones collected from the beach at Hythe in Kent. Each stone has been changed by the elements over millions of years, ending up on the beach having travelled hundreds or even thousands of miles.

Why seven stones?

Seven is chosen by more people as their lucky number than any other. Consider the number of continents, colours of the rainbow, days of the week, notes on a musical scale, the ages of man, David Beckham's shirt and dwarfs.

This sculpture has a base made from Wenge, which is pronounced  "wengy" as in dendrogeomorphology, or wenggy as in Twiggy.  But not "henge" as in stone!

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