Walking and Hiking Sticks

Collection of walking sticks and hiking sticks handcrafted from hardwoodsA stunning collection of hand-made deluxe walking sticks and hiking sticks, all featuring the unique ‘Dragon Egg’ wobble.

All our sticks showcase the beauty of the stick shaft, as well as the handle. Sticks with square shaft, sticks with round shaft; full wobble or part wobble.

Each stick is individually handmade with a specific handle style that is turned from wood. These include thumb sticks, thumb-through, knob kerrie, derby handle and T-handle.

Stick length:

Where a stick's length is adjustable, this will be made clear in the description. Adjustable walking and hiking sticks made by us can be shortened in overall length by up to 75mm (3"). This can be done at the buyer's request at no extra cost or delay to delivery. For more details please email me at dragoneggwoodturning@gmail.com or phone 07474 007477

Please note, some of our walking sticks are a fixed length due to the way they are made, and any attempt to shorten them will be difficult and may result in permanent damage to the stick shaft.

Click here to find out how to measure the best length walking stick or hiking stick for you