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Buying one of my hand-made walking sticks means owning a unique item.
Each one is designed and made by me in my workshop in rural Bedfordshire and as far as I am aware no-one else on planet Earth makes sticks like mine.
The process of making a stick takes up to three weeks and each stick is guaranteed to be one of a kind. I will make sticks that are similar, but each individual stick has a character all its own.
The shafts of the sticks are made from sustainably sourced hardwoods from around the world and are finished with either high gloss yacht varnish, shellac sanding sealer or high quality wax polish.
The handles come in different shapes and styles and again are made from sustainably sourced hardwoods or rosewoods. Each handle is turned by me and finished to the same exacting standards I apply to the shafts.
Unless otherwise stated each stick has been reinforced with either a glass fibre or stainless steel rod which also serves to secure the handle.
Sticks can be made to order if you would like a particular timber, but do take a little longer as the materials have to be very carefully sourced and prepared before I can start making. Please contact me for details.
These unique walking sticks are both an aid to walking or hiking and a talking point with those you meet on the highways and byways.
They are also an heirloom ready to be passed down to the next generation.